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The Journey

Natalie Nguyen helps individuals and groups transform, create, and live their vision. She teams up with her clients to support them in where they are and where they want to go. Whether its offering her guidance and support to achieve career goals, personal goals, spiritual growth and everything in between, her coaching is uniquely tailored to each person based on the conversation and interaction that she has with them. 


She has personally coached a wide variety of extraordinary human beings in various ages and industries. Through years of self-development and putting herself in situations where she is constantly improving her own skills and mastery, she is driven to share the knowledge and tools that she has cultivated with others so they too can ultimately have a deeper and meaningful life.

She has completed a Spiritual Psychology Program at the University of Santa Monica and is currently participating in the various coaching groups to continue her growth and studies. She has also collaborated with healers and other spiritual leaders so she can incorporate a holistic approach in her work.

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